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Join us for Home Study via Whatsapp. Everything is done on your phone.
If you can Whatsapp, you can do this.

One course R900
Two for R1200
Valid until 5th June 2020

An extra extra short-term special on our courses.

Registration from 21st April to 5 June. These are the dates anyone can register for the special and start once payment has been sent to us. This is only for home study, not campus classes. Registration means paying the course fee, one course for 900 or two for 1200. Only from 21st April to the 31st May, this means you can pay the special price above anytime during these dates..

Choose from:

Advanced Childcare, Au Pair, Night Nurse, International Nanny Standard
Craft & Activities for 0-5 years, Developmental Stimulation, International Nanny Standard
Elderly Care, Home-based Nursing, Care Assistant, Caregiver, International Standard

To get started, Whatsapp ‘Training’ to 079 842 6599. Text only – no calls, no sms.

  • To do at home while in lockdown via Whatsapp only.. Reliable, full informative courses all on your phone.
  • You get exactly the same information physical students get in class. These courses were designed over the course of the past 15 months with video links.
  • You get your full manuals online on your phone via Whatsapp. Very easy to read.
  • You don’t need a computer.
  • You have two weeks to complete the course at home, easy easy..
  • You have a 7 day a week, tutor guide, Noreen Whiting, the Chilton owner at your fingertips.
  • You answer some simple questions before you get your certificates

You will get to 🎓 graduate when lockdown restrictions are less heavy later in the year. Cost of graduation 300, paid one week before graduation. At Johannesburg or Cape Town campus.

Chilton graduation ceremony

Get job-ready now

There will be no physical classes on both Joburg and Cape Town campus for the foreseeable future, absolutely none, as a vaccine won’t be found for a yr. We recommend students do the Whatsapp courses that include video to explain CPR and Infant Care etc.

Study online via Whatsapp.. So you will be job ready when restrictions are less. There will be a huge demand as there usually is for Chilton-trained candidates. Chilton trained students are the most sought after workers with employers, as our training material is excellent.

Check out our history, check out our references over the past 15 years. Reputable, recommended and highly sought after.

Happy Chilton graduates

What you have to do: Whatsapp ‘Training’ to 079 842 6599. Text only – no calls, no sms.

Join us on Facebook for job notifications from the Chilton agency. There is lots of motivational support for our students on the page, as well as jobs only for Chilton students.