Professional Childcare Support training | placement


What you need to start training at Chilton College:

  • Make sure you pay fees in full, get your student number and keep a copy of your registration form on you at all times.
  • Chilton accepts passport numbers or permit or asylum or South African ID.
  • Bring a notebook and pen, bring a snack.
  • Uniform: All students must wear a basic white shirt and black trousers or skirt.
  • Arrive on campus 20 minutes before class begins, to gather your two manuals from us (included in the fee), find your seat in class, use the bathroom, etc.
  • Classes begin at 09.00. It’s very important you are always on time.
  • Hot drinks are offered to our students during the winter months. Free of charge.

We welcome you to the Chilton experience and hope you enjoy yourself with us.

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Course Options:

Advanced Course

  • Includes night nursing and career au pair, international nanny standard.
  • Theory & practical work experience
  • Available Full-time, Monday to Friday – Intake every Monday
  • Available Part-time, Saturdays – Intake every Saturday
  • 2 Certificates – Advanced ECD & First Aid/CPR
  • Cost: R4500
  • Higher salaries from 6,000 to 18,000, depending on experience.

See Advanced Course Info

Short Course

  • Basic ECD / Entry-level nanny
  • 5 classes
  • Available Full-time, Monday to Friday – Intake every Monday
  • Available Part-time, Saturdays – Intake every Saturday
  • Cost: R2100
  • Typical Salary from roughly R5000 to R5500. Most upgrade to advanced.

See Short Course Info

1 day Workshop Course

  • Your subject of choice
  • Every workshop day includes CV, interview skills. job application, job assistance
  • Cost: R750
  • For domestic nanny / beginners ECD jobs, salaries from R4000 to R4500 per month
  • Choose a 1 day course:
    • First Aid and CPR
    • Stimulating activities, babies to older kids
    • Weaning, baby to toddler food preparation
    • Positive discipline, handling the most challenging of children
    • Learning disabilities and autism spectrum disorders, aspergers, ADHD, ADD. How to engage with love and genuine understanding.

See 1 Day Workshop courses
We even make individual schedules for those with very little time or difficult jobs. We have always been open and flexible. Come chat with us.


 Changing the Face of Childcare


At Chilton, we value and insist on knowing our candidates through our in-house training school and support systems.

Chilton offers an open door to all its students both during and after the job application process, whether they need job advice in relation to contractual & labour law issues, or are seeking a more senior role a few years on.

Why Chilton Au Pairs?

  • We only place Au Pairs and Nannies who have completed our t1raining programme. This allows us to become acquainted with our candidates before placement and tease out any glitches, gaps and personality issues prior to client interviews.
  • We prioritise the child’s well-being when choosing candidates to put forward for interview.
  • We offer fully referenced & personalised background checks on demand.
  • We believe in making sure our students present themselves in the highest professional light possible and carrying out their job to a standard that exceeds expectation.
  • We are highly experienced in recruitment and interviewing techniques with over 15 years in international and National recruitment as well as a  further 8 years as a director & teacher of a pre-school.
  • We value long term relationships for both our candidates and clients that build and supports an excellent calibre of candidate and strong families with happy children.11667366_941796409213865_1360802280161077923_n
  • We provide on going training for past students in the form of refresher classes each month. Many students take advantage of this opportunity in honing their skills and understanding, when class space permits.
  • We welcome replacing past students with excellent track records in jobs through our in house agency, should the Au Pair or Nanny meet the standard and requirement.
  • We offer a professional cv writing service that focuses on the detail of the childcare industry to all our students, that assists parents in shortlisting those who are best for their children.
  • We offer motivational job coaching, Professional CV writing / Career guiding to Ladies from 18 years to 55 years in the form of career workshops once a month.
  • At Chilton we believe a Nanny or Au Pair is a vitally important career, the application reflects that in a detailed and professional layout.
  • Our expertise and experience in childcare extends to parenting & family coaching, in assisting them with the best care package for different children with varying needs and abilities.

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