Chilton began its journey in 1994 as a preschool and nursery. Many local and international families sought out its holistic, multicultural and integrated approach to childcare. In 1996, our first students trained to au pair abroad in Europe, UAE and America.

Chilton then changed its course from Pre-school care of children to teaching childcare to student Au Pairs and Nannies. It was a natural progression, which expanded into full-time childcare training.

In 2007, Chilton Training College was founded to offer formal childcare training in a purpose-built environment. It aimed to professionalise early years’ childcare by training carers to provide nurturing, structured and stimulating care within the home.

The Chilton uniform ensured that Chilton Nannies, Au Pairs and Nurses were recognised as professionals. Chilton trainees would not only wear the uniform when training at the college but also, once qualified, in the workplace.

Although the uniform remains a significant part of Chilton’s tradition, our graduates are no longer expected to wear uniforms when working in a family’s home, unless specifically requested by the family.