Noreen Whiting

noreenNoreen Whiting has been working with children & families in Cape Town since 1994.

Her experience with small children is extensive having worked with projects & studied early childhood development in various countries around the world prior to 1994, she started the first multi cultural pre-school in Cape Town with a holistic base and incorporated the Steiner, Montessori & waldorf teachings.

After having worked at her own international recruitment company for several years she took a well deserved break and founded an aftercare service for migrant children in Dublin. Ireland to assist them with their language problems & studies.

We all know Noreen as an exceptionally loving and compassionate person. She has endless patience with and time for children and adults alike and a great drive to alleviate human suffering, help people and contribute to building a more caring society.

Combining her professional experience, personal attributes and huge natural talent for teaching, she is exceptionally well placed to train, place and recruit Au Pairs and nannies, insisting on quality service, respect and fair labor practice.

Chilton Au Pair agency & training school was founded in the centre of Cape Town in 2007.

Chilton Au Pair Placement and training has expanded by work of mouth and become a preferred name in training & recommendation in the Western Cape.

Compiled by:
Prof. Uta Lehmann, School of Public Health, University of the Western Cape and Mr. Marcus Solomon, Co-ordinator, Children’s Resource Centre