We are committed to positive career growth and development of our trainees. We aim to inspire our students to develop a passion for childcare and a world-class level of ethics and knowledge of the profession. In this way, Chilton serves as a place of mentoring, encouragement & growth.

Through our training school in Cape Town, we enable students to continuously upgrade and improve their skills set at no extra charge. Our revolving childcare modules and specialised parenting workshops run throughout the year.

Our former trainees visit us regularly and we look forward to hearing about their career growth. Many of our senior students return to mentor our trainees.



Honesty – We deal with each other in a sincere and straightforward manner.

Integrity – We act in a manner consistent with our words and beliefs.

Respect – We treat the families and the children we support with care and respect.

Courage – We pursue our beliefs with strength and perseverance.

Openness – We share information and encourage growth and learning.

Diversity – We seek value and respect differences among the families and children we work with.

Balance – We strive for stability and fulfilment in our personal and professional lives.

Teamwork – We support our fellow classmates and families in achieving goals through joint commitment, encouragement, open communication, shared responsibility and trust.

Trust – Families and children rely on us to do a good job, trust us with personal and often intimate information. Trust is our key value along with respect for the space we are in.