Advanced Course Cape Town

A higher level childcare / ECD training programme designed to provide you with everything you need to begin your career in professional childcare. Now available full-time as well as part-time.

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 Course Outline

  • Understanding Infant to older child developmental milestones – The A-Z
  • Baby massage & Infant General care
  • First aid procedures CPR/ Infant to toddler accredited
  • Routine & time management – handling routine well and scheduling tasks
  • Creative & inventive play – Unleash the child within
  • Books, reading to children, reading with early readers and their importance
  • Nutrition & Meal planning for healthy children
  • Setting positive boundaries, language and structure
  • The basics of child physiology
  • Interview skills and marketing oneself truthfully & with confidence
  • How to deal with sensitive issues such as abuse, bullying & divorce
  • Caring for children with special needs
  • Sleep Training
  • Night Nursing

Course Details

Chilton Advanced internationally recognized Night Nursing / tweaked with Blue Chip

Au Pair course: R2000.00

We open 6th January..time to heave yourself off the couch..

We are offering our Advanced Course at the special price of R2000 – reduced from R4500, terms and conditions apply.

Student’s must confirm their dates and schedule on the campus, regardless, as some classes may be full, especially the first week we open.

(Capetown only..)

You choose either a full time schedule, Monday to Friday or Saturdays part time.

Course duration:

Full-time: 5 days (Monday to Friday) theory intensive + practical thereafter

Part-time: 2X Saturdays – double classes theory intensive + practical thereafter

Certificates are issued after the theory training and practical work experience is done in the student’s own time.

Course dates are confirmed when a student comes in to register.

To register, you need to come into our office in person with your completed registration form (attached) and your ID / Passport / Permit / Asylum, so we can set up your training schedule and confirm your course dates.

Address: Chilton private college, The Holy Spirit Centre building, Number 161A Coronation Road, Maitland, Cape Town.

If you’re coming from Cape Town along Voortrekker road, you will see The Meat Factory number 372 in large letters on your right, a large yellow and blue sign. Then you take an immediate left into Ross street. Directly at the end of Ross street you will see the Holy Spirit Centre, with large signs for BluBeri Hospitality and Chilton College. Ring the bell for someone to open.

Open from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm, Monday to Saturday.

What you need to start at Chilton college

  • Make sure you pay fees in full.
  • Keep a copy of your registration form on you at all times.
  • Chilton accepts passport numbers or permit or asylum or south African ID.
  • Bring a notebook and pen, bring a snack.
  • Uniform: all students must wear a basic white shirt and  black trousers or shirt. No nail polish, hair neatly tied back.
  • Arrive on campus 20 minutes before class begins – to gather your two manuals from us (this is included in the fee), find your seat in class , use the bathroom, etc. Classes begins at 09.00. It’s very important you are always on time.

We welcome you to the Chilton experience. We hope you enjoy yourself with us.

Join our Facebook page chiltonsa. For job notifications from the Chilton agency, there is lots of motivational support for our students on the page, as well as jobs for only Chilton students

Welcome to the Chilton family

We look forward to assisting you with your career in 2020

Creative skills

All children learn through play and play requires creativity from both the child and carer; whether you are creating a ship or a house under the dining room table for your next adventure or molding with clay for your latest story, we are right behind this creative spirit and realize how vital it is to nurture a healthy self esteem, confidence and imagination for the children we love and care for.

All Chilton Au Pairs & Nannies are taught how creativity can engage children and help them to learn and develop through their play. Au Pairs are taught how to develop children’s interests and imagination to engage them in learning without them even realizing it!

“We are the ‘kindling” in the fire or background music to their creative genius and spirit”

Home Economics

Nutrition and diet are vitally important to children’s development and growth. Chilton Au Pairs are taught what a healthy balanced diet consists of for children; how to ensure that they are getting the nutrients they need for their growth and development, and ensuing they form a healthy relationship with food.They learn about healthy meals for your children as well as how to cook with children to help them develop an interest in food.

It is vital children are encouraged to be part of food preparation, setting the table for meals, which they love, so we can engage them to get truly excited about eating good food with all the mystery taken out.We believe in old fashioned values where our children learn how rewarding it is to eat with the family & eat with good manners and positive interaction making a happier & healthier family life.

For cookery training we highly recommend BluBeri Hospitality

Practical skills

Chilton Au Pairs and Nannies are taught the practical skills needed to care for children, including caring for a new born baby by making up bottle feeds, bathing, changing nappies (‘real’ and disposable) and supporting the new mother prior to and after the birth.

They learn about the importance of routines and consistency in a child’s life; how to deal with challenging behaviour as well as how to engage children in storytelling and how to entertain children on a rainy day!

We work through all the latest studies and techniques of implementing positive discipline, good structure, boundaries and routine. “Our consistency, love and firmness is Key”

Chilton Au Pairs and Nannies are also taught the importance of adapting their skills and knowledge to work with the choices of each family they work for.

We stress – The Importance of our “supportive role” within a family to the parents and their children.

For those Au Pairs and Nannies who have no practical working experience with infant to older children outside their own families, we support and assist them in gaining practical work training in a real live home or pre-school.

When Chilton Au Pairs and Nannies leave our College they have completed a Pediatric First Aid course which is fully covered in our course(which we encourage our Au Pairs and Nannies to renew every 3 years) endorsed by The American heart Foundation