Chilton’s College History

Chilton training College was founded in 2007 by Noreen Whiting who had recognised the need for early year’s childcare to be professional, structured and centred around the child. For child carers to be loving & patient, offering stimulating and nurturing care within the home while at all time working alongside the parents in a supportive manner.

Prior to the introduction of formal training at Chilton, children would be cared for by ‘untutored’ maids before going into pre-school school. Chilton was the first college to offer any kind of childcare training in a formal and purpose build environment. We believe this is a worthy & important career, therefore we insist all nannies and Au Pairs that we place with families are formally trained.

Chilton’s offers the most up to date academic childcare training courses and the highest practice standards in line with the latest research. Throughout its constant development Chilton’s values have remained the same, with the child being at the centre of all decisions and reason. The family is the most important unit within society and deserves quality care and support for it to remain stable and flourish.

Noreen Whiting quickly recognised that Chilton Nannies or Au Pairs/ Nurses needed to be recognised as professionals (and not mistaken for housemaids) so she introduced the uniform. Chilton trainees would not only wear the uniform when training at the college but also once qualified in the workplace – they were recognisable wherever they went.

The uniform is a strong part of Chilton’s tradition. As much as a professional nurse would be expected to wear a uniform Chilton’s students are expected to wear their uniform with pride and adhere to the strict uniform guidelines. Chilton graduates are no longer expected to wear their uniform when working in a family, unless the family specifically wants them to.

Many local and international families sought out our holistic and integrated approach to growing children in a caring and stimulating way, way back in 1994 when Chilton was a pre-school and nursery.

Our focus: “To take all detail of the child’s history, personality and ability into account in order to fully meet them where they are” Noreen Whiting

Our first students walked in the door to train within our school from 1996 onwards to gain 2610319practical working experience to Au Pair overseas in Europe, UAE and America.

Chilton then changed its course from Pre-school care of children to teaching care of student Au Pairs and Nannies. It was a natural progression.

Chilton expanded into full time childcare training to offer a basic childcare course that runs 50 weeks of the year, offering short part time courses and full time advanced training. We offer training in a modern and fully equipped training school in the heart of Cape Town.

International Recruitment: We have placed many of our Au Pairs and Nannies with international families overseas —Sweden, UK, America, Italy, UAE, Holland, France & Belgium. We have long standing alliance partners in several of these countries.

South Africa is a growing country where children’s needs are being assessed and reassessed all the time due to the often complex society we live in. Children have structured and long days at school, therefore need extremely good quality care, safe transporting of children by the Au Pair, homework supervision with focused, responsible and loving attention when at home. It is a preferred route to hire a sole charge Chilton Nanny for babies to toddler age group, rather than place them in a larger childcare group while still young and prone to picking up infections easily.

Chilton’s Additional services include the placement of professional Au Pairs, Nannies, Mannies (Male au Pairs) Night nurses, Private tutors for long term, short term, part time and full time placement.

We only Place our Au Pairs and Nanny Trainees who have completed the Chilton training courses.

We also offer placements for specialized tutoring services and children with special needs.

A Chilton Au Pair is a passionate and caring candidate, who is experienced, has completed first aid, own their own vehicles, can drive well, have been reference and back ground checked, interviewed and also have a child care related tertiary education.

At Chilton we value long term relationships for both our candidates and clients

Our goal is to strive for service excellence and work to improving the standard of childcare and support our families need.