Elderly Care Assistant Course

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Course Description: This course gives you more all round experience in how to be an excellent companion to an elderly person in their own home. This is akin to an elderly domestic worker, but has more knowledge on how to cook, prepare correct nutritionally based meals, crafts, reading and general companion care. Please note you cannot complete with working on the same level as highly trained care workers who have done, 1, 2 or 3 yrs.. We focus on private home care companionship, elderly care assistants course.

Course Duration: 2 weeks

Course Fee: R900 (for the month of July)

Full Certification: Elderly Care Assistant Certificate PLUS First Aid / CPR Certificate

Course Content:

  • Safe Proofing the Home
  • The Caregiver’s Code of Conduct
  • Characteristics of a Professional Caregiver
  • Activities
  • Nutrition
  • Care e.g. Moving and handling, Bathing
  • Dementia
  • First Aid & CPR