Market-Related Salaries


Tutors & Night Nannies

Tutor (does solely homework with the child): R165.00 per hour

Night Nanny: R550.00 per night (depending on level of experience and qualifications)

Night nurses must have done the Advanced course- for more information click here


Monthly Salary Guide - Au Pairs

Hours per day (5 days a week)Monthly Salary
8 hours + per dayR13,400.00 +
7 hours per dayR11,700.00
6.5 hours per dayR10,900.00
6 hours per dayR10,100.00
5.5 hours per dayR9,200.00
5 hours per dayR8,400.00
4.5 hours per dayR7,700.00
4 hours per dayR6,900.00
3.5 hours per dayR6,000.00
3 hours per dayR5,200.00
2.5 hours per dayR4,300.00
2 hours per dayR3,900.00

Daily Au Pairs (per hour)

Monday - FridayR80.00 per hour
Weekends & Public HolidaysR90.00 per hour
Stay-overR170 per night

Monthly Salary Guide - Nannies

As a Nanny's knowledge of Early Childhood Development, Childcare skills & experience advances, so do the salary expectations & offers. Some Chilton Nannies have teaching or nursing backgrounds from Zimbabwe, Malawi and SA. 20% drive and own a car; therefore the market-related salaries for Nannies have developed into a three tier structure: Junior, Mid-level & Senior.

Nanny LevelDescriptionMonthly Salary

  • 2 years local experience (mostly housekeeping and less charge of children, as she was new to this country or she was inexperienced in this field)

  • 1 local typed reference

  • Recent ECD Nanny & Basic Training with First Aid

  • Level of work: 60% domestic to 40% childcare

R5,000.00 minimum

  • 2 years plus local experience (preferably with the same family)

  • Experience as Sole Charge Nanny - Good knowledge of Infant Care procedures, Ability to initiate routine & activities, and to take charge comfortably

  • Qualifications: Nanny Training (ECD and Basic Training with First Aid / CPR)

  • Good communication Skills

  • Basic Computer Literacy

  • Level of work: 80% Childcare, as well as child-related/light domestic chores

R6,000.00 - R8,000.00
Senior (Blue Chip Nanny)

  • 3-5 years plus local experience with detailed typed references

  • Qualifications: Nanny Training (ECD & First Aid/CPR), Primary School Teaching Qualification and/or experience

  • High English Fluency with excellent communication skills

  • Driver's Licence

  • Computer Literate

  • Good cooking skills

  • Ability to swim and assist children in the water

  • Ability to tutor basic numeracy and literacy.

  • Ability in creating a stimulating recreational programme/schedule.

  • Level of work: 100% Childcare - Because the children are the focus (not housework), usually there is a domestic who takes care of the heavy housework

R9,000.00 - R20,000.00