Trial Advice to employers

When a candidate goes to a client’s home to do a trial, it is advised to give the candidate a sms with the address and detail of how to get to your home via public transport and also driving if possible along with your contact cell, along with expected time to arrive.

Usually a morning is best from 08.00am up to 10am start to usually 1pm or 2pm.
The purpose of the trial is to see how the candidate’s energy works for you all in your home; it is an opportunity for you to introduce the candidate to your children and how those that work or live in your home, the child’s nursery, garden, pet’s and any other staff & staffing issues, grandparents etc.

It is a good idea not to overwhelm the candidate with too much information, but focus their energy on your baby or children, leave them alone for a little – come back into the room and see how the energy works or feels. It is better to allow them both to get on with it and engage where engagement is possible, not disturbing them or the flow of engagement.

Showing the candidate all the workings of your home appliances is not done on a trial day unless you intend to hire her.

It is general courtesy to give a travelling fee to any candidate who travels to your home; we would consider it a goodwill gesture.

If a candidate spends over 5 hours in a client’s home – we expect the candidate to get paid, no less than a flat rate of minimum R250.00.

Some Tips:

  1. Don’t hover, if your child is engaging with nanny.
  2. Don’t answer for the child or for the nanny..let natural interaction happen
  3. Don’t keep talking – allow yourself to be out of the picture a little to see the energy working or not!
  4. Nanny should bring an activity if the child is older than 6 months
  5. Nanny should wash her hands before touching the child or baby…
  6. Nanny should be patient, calm and an excellent listener
  7. Nanny should take notes when you are giving important, factual information. That concerns the child in her nanny diary.
  8. A successful interview or trial is one where everyone is happy in the home – no exceptions.
  9. A successful placement is where one does not have to constantly repeat themselves
  10. A successful placement is when Mom, Dad & children are all in content with Nanny.